Meyer's Parrot

The Meyer's parrot (Poicephalus meyeri) is a small (about 21 cm, 90-130g) but stocky African parrot. Meyer's parrots display the black feathers, turquoise belly, blue rump and bright yellow markings on the carpal joint of the wings. Most subspecies have some yellow on the top of the head as well. Forshaw (1989) recognizes six subspecies of P. meyeri which vary in home range, size and in markings, including the extent of yellow markings to the head and wings and the intense of turquoise markings on the belly and rump. Its name commemorates the German ornithologist Bernhard Meyer.


The Meyer's parrot nests in tree cavities. The eggs are white and there are usually three or four in a clutch. The female incubates the eggs for about 28 days and the chicks leave the nest about 60 days after hatching.